The human side of building software

Our story

Enthusiasts, experts and misfits with a common vision.

main( ) { printf(“hello, world\n”); } With this single line of code written 50 years ago, the world of coding opened to generations of developers and paved the way to everything from the internet to artificial intelligence and everything in between.


Software has a magic side to it. Once written and committed, some lines of code have the power to enrich experiences, expand knowledge, save hours and even save lives. Besides kindness, we believe software can be the strongest force of good in the world.


But building good software is another story. A story of long hours, frustration, doubt, misunderstandings and conflict. With oneself, or within team members. Because even though agile is a good framework, our minds are not tuned for split-second change. They’re built for predictability. This is what kept us alive for more than 100k years. We need to upgrade our mindware for the realities of the 21st century.


We believe everyone should have the freedom to find joy in their work. And even meaning. In what they’re building, and in how they’re building it. Because the work we do takes too much of our time and it is too much ingrained in our identity to not make it count for ourselves.


Looking for meaning and connection in our work, we’ve built a company that would serve us. But that could also serve the millions of developers out there. We’ve called it Acertivo, because assertiveness is a core skill that helps people get their vision across, while acknowledging others’ viewpoints.


We’re on a mission to change the way people feel while developing software and we must say…we’re honoured to have you walking this journey together with us!

Our team

Enthusiasts, experts and misfits with a common vision.

Irina Paraschiv

Psychotherapy Lead

Lucian Ghinda

Chief Technical Officer

Toni Gherca

Chief Product Officer

Roxana Petrus

Coaching Lead

Marius Bobin

Head of Engineering

Fight the good fight.

Improving mental health is one of the biggest challenges we as humanity face today. If you want to contribute to Acertivo as a colaborator, provider or investor, we’re happy to talk.